Local Laws of Note

Homeowners should become familiar with ordinances in our Part II, General Legislation, especially since some require permits and actions that need to be taken. See a few highlights:

  • Chapter 69, Alarm Systems
    This chapter notes that anyone having an alarm system must register with the Village to receive an alarm permit.
  • Chapter 146, Noise
    The Village of Briarcliff Manor recognizes that excessive noise disrupts the well-being, public peace, safety and welfare of its residents. Problems concerning disturbance of peace and quiet by noise from various activities are best solved by thoughtful discussions and cooperative agreements between affected parties. However, to resolve remaining problems of noise, which is disturbing to others, it is the policy of the Village of Briarcliff Manor to establish standards, enforcement procedures and penalties.
  • Chapter 164, Public Assemblies, Celebrations, Parades
    This chapter notes that if you're planning to have a parade, processional, assembly, celebration, festival, farmer's market, street fair, party, or similar activity or event on public property then you must apply to the Village Manager for a permit (PDF).
  • Chapter 186, Streets and Sidewalks (specifically Section 186-14, Snow and Ice Removal)
    Every owner is responsible to clear the sidewalks of snow and ice that run along your property within twelve (12) hours after a snowstorm ends. Note that if the snowstorm or ice formation ends between 7 am and 7 pm, then you have until 9 am the following day.