Architectural Review Advisory Committee


The meetings are typically held monthly, but the schedule may be subject to the call of the Board of Trustees or the Planning Board.


  • Kate AkerChair/Member
    Term Expiration: April 2024
  • Gilbert BalogMember
    Term Expiration: April 2025
  • Allen DzbanekMember
    Term Expiration: April 2026
  • David WeinbergMember
    Term Expiration: April 2026
  • Vacant Seat


The Architectural Review Advisory Committee (ARAC) preserves and promotes the character and appearance of the Village by reviewing architectural features, design alternatives, external appearances, exterior lighting, landscaping, and signage to bolster the attractiveness of significant residential, commercial, and municipal areas.

  • Encourage good qualities and appearances of the exterior design of buildings, structures, and signs;
  • Relate such design and appearances to the sites and surroundings of buildings and structures;
  • Permit originality and resourcefulness in building design and appearances which are appropriate to the sites and surroundings; and
  • Prevent such designs and appearances as are deemed inappropriate and detrimental to the visual environment.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates will have a demonstrable sense of aesthetics, experience designing or critiquing architecture, appearance, proportionality, and appropriateness of scale for commercial developments that may be planned throughout the Village. A formal education or professional experience in one or more of the following might be helpful:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Visual Arts