When and where are Village / Town / County / School tax payments due?

The Village of Briarcliff Manor Receiver of Taxes only collects Village property taxes. The town, county, and school taxes are collected by the property owner's respective town - The town of Ossining or the Town of Mount Pleasant.

Village Property Tax

Tax bills are mailed once each year at the end of May for both the June and December installments. If you do not receive a bill or have any questions regarding payment please call 914-944-2723.

The first installment of the Village property tax is due between June 1st and July 2nd. The second installment is due no later than December 31st to avoid penalties. Payments may be mailed or hand-delivered to the Briarcliff Manor Village office located at 1111 Pleasantville Road.

If mailing tax payments in the last days of the month in which due, make certain that you witness a timely official United States Postmark being affixed to the envelope. Postage meters (i.e. Pitney Bowes) and foreign postmarks are not accepted. Where an envelope containing payment of taxes contains no official U.S. postmark date, payment of such taxes is deemed to have been made on the date the payment is received. Please be aware that New York State law provides that a property owner is not relieved of the responsibility for payment of taxes or interest prescribed by law despite the failure to receive a notice that such taxes are due. Even if your bill becomes delayed or lost in the mail, you are still responsible for paying your taxes on time and paying any penalties that may accrue due to a late payment. Please provide the payment coupon(s) from your bill when submitting payments. Postdated checks cannot be accepted. If the Village Tax due date falls on a weekend, payment may be made on the first business day thereafter.

School Tax

  • School - The First Installment Tax for both Briarcliff Manor School District and Ossining School District is due in January. The Second Installment is due in September. Payments are due to the Tax Collector of the respective town in which you reside.
  • Town and County Tax - Both Town and County Taxes for Mount Pleasant and Ossining are due in April.

Please contact your town's Tax Collector for further information.

  • Mount Pleasant
    Phone: 914-742-2348
  • Ossining
    Phone: 914-762-8790

New York State Law provides that the Tax Receiver cannot waive penalties on real estate taxes after the due date for any reason.

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