Public Works (DPW)

Department Responsibilities


The Department of Public Works is charged with providing our residents with safe roads, a quality drinking water supply, a sanitary sewer collection system, and environmental services such as sanitation collection and an extensive recycling program. Our 32 full-time employees are distributed to three major divisions: Highway, Water, and Sanitation, with Highway and Water Splitting maintenance of the Sewer Collection System. All calls come into our Public Works Facility on Buckhout Road and are distributed to the appropriate division for disposition.

Highway Department

Operates recycling program/recycling depot, which includes pickup of paper, cardboard, tin/aluminum cans, glass containers, plastics, leaves, and organic waste. Weekly pickup of half the Village. Provides maintenance of buildings and grounds for Municipal Building, Library, Scarborough Fire House, Public Works Building, all Pumphouses, Scarborough Post Office, Long Hill Road West Sewer Pumping Station, and Holbrook Road Sewer Pumping Station. Provides maintenance including grass cutting, tree work, and landscaping for: Law Park, Scarborough Park, Chilmark Park, Neighborhood Park, Schrade Road Park, Jackson Road Park, Round Hill Pumphouse, Long Hill Pumphouse, all turnarounds and triangles at all intersections. Painting of road lines, parking spaces, and arrows; maintenance of street lights; road maintenance, including potholes, and guide rail repairs, cleaning of gutters, catch basins, and storm sewer system. Spring road-paving program that includes 2 to 3 miles of road yearly. Offers contractor support during water and construction projects. Snow removal from 41 miles of roadways including Railroad Station, Central Business District, Library, parking lots, etc. Cleaning, repairing, and installation of catch basins and stormwater collection systems.Maintenance of all Village trees within the right-of-way which includes tree trimming and/or removal and stump grinding. Maintenance and management of a two-acre organic waste site located at DPW. Commingle recycle pick up on Wednesdays.

Water Department

Operates water treatment plant, Full Water Supply Pump Station (Tarrytown Lakes), Long Hill Road East, Round Hill Drive, Old Sleepy Hollow Road, Ridgecrest Road, and Chappaqua Road Water Pump stations with a maximum demand of 3.4 million gallons of water per day. Maintenance of the Water Distribution System including 4 storage tanks, 350 fire hydrants, and the reading and repairing of 2,600 water meters. Offer extensive contractor support during water projects.

Sanitary Sewer System

Maintained jointly by the Highway and Water Departments - work consists of rebuilding manholes, cleaning and repairing the collection system by the Highway Department, and the maintenance of nine sewer pumping stations by the Water Department.

Sanitation Department

Provide back-door pickup of garbage and curbside removal of rubbish to 2,200 residential homes and 200 commercial pick-ups. Presently, picking up newspapers and bulk metal items on Wednesdays.

Central Garage

Maintenance of all Police, Fire Department, Highway, Sanitation, Water, Recreation, and Official Vehicles.

DPW Offices

General administrative support and oversight of department operations. Monitoring all DPW construction/paving operations and seasonal activities. Monitoring of water and sewer systems, data collection/report filing as per county and state regulations. Develop and oversee budget, purchasing and permits.

Department Staff

  • Edward Torhan, Superintendent of Public Works
  • Vincent D'Addona, General Foreman
  • Tony Disisto, Assistant General Foreman
  • Lisa Price, Senior Office Assistant
  • Lauren Gualdino, Office Assistant